The Molenkamp family

The family photo album

Our founders on these shores, Douwe and Geessien

Douwe Molenkamp    Geessien Grimenga

Disclaimer:  Any resemblance to kings or queens of England is purely coincidental.


Their mode of transport to get here

We've found a photo of the Marie Molinos, which may or may not have previously been named the Sylphide.  If she was, then maybe she was the ship on which Douwe and Geessien travelled from Holland to England in 1865.  While she's not a fishing vessel, we do think this is likely to be a red herring.

The Sylphide


The first generation

Klara  Hilje

Klara                                          Hilje 

Roeloff  Janet

Roeloff                                        Janet

John  Lizzie

John                                          Lizzie

Jessie  Daisy

Jessie                                          Daisy

Roeloff through the ages

Roeloff c1885  Roeloff c1887  Roeloff c1890 

c1885             c1887             c1890 

Roeloff c1905  Roeloff c1914  Roeloff c1930

c1905                 c1914                 c1930


The second generation

George, Felix and Nancy at Felix's marriage to Winnie in 1946

Felix & Winnie's wedding

Standing: George, Nancy, Felix, Winnie Bulfield, Jack Bulfield

Sitting: Kath Bulfield, Ethel Bulfield


Later generations -

 The Molenkamp gang from the 1960s

  Some time in the 1960s   Christmas in the 1960s

Did we really ever dress like this!!!!

Left photo:  André & John sitting, Ted & Paul standing.

Right photo: Ted, Paul, John, André.


The First "Computer Bug" (not actually a relative, as far as we can tell)

Moth found trapped between points at Relay # 70, Panel F, of the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator while it was being tested at Harvard University , 9 September 1945 . The operators affixed the moth to the computer log, with the entry: "First actual case of bug being found". They put out the word that they had "debugged" the machine, thus introducing the term "debugging a computer program".
In 1988, the log, with the moth still taped by the entry, was in the
Naval Surface Warfare Center Computer Museum at Dahlgren , Virginia .

The world's first computer bug

Courtesy of the Naval Surface Warfare Center , Dahlgren , VA. , 1988.




Major cash reward offered!!

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