The Molenkamp family

Family Names (C to D)

Here is a list of all the family members we have found so far with surnames beginning with C or D, sorted by surname then year of birth: 

Name Sex Born** Place of birth Died** Place of death
CALDWELL, John Eric  M 1920      
CAMPBELL, Beryl  F 1905      
CAMPBELL, Don  M 1880      
CAMPBELL, Gloria  F 1907      
CARLING, Jane  F 1807 Fewston, Yorkshire 1881 Wharfedale, Yorkshire
CARTER, Arthur  M 1881 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, Charles  M 1872 Victoria, Australia    
CARTER, Charles  M 1898 Kettering, Northants    
CARTER, Charles Henry  M 1866 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, Eileen  F 1894 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, Ellen  F 1888 Kettering, Northants    
CARTER, Emily  F 1870 Cockatoo Creek, Gawler, South.Australia    
CARTER, Florence  F 1874 Victoria, Australia    
CARTER, Frederick  M 1846 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, Frederick  M 1866 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, George  M 1842 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, George  M 1867 Cockatoo Creek, Gawler, South.Australia    
CARTER, George  M 1869 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, George  M 1892 Kettering, Northants    
CARTER, Harry  M 1872 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, Henry  M 1844 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, James  M 1850 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, John  M 1816 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, John  M 1838 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, Joseph  M 1840 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, Rose  F 1903 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, Sarah  F 1837 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, Thomas  M 1868 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, Violet  F 1910 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CARTER, Zilpha  F 1875 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
CASH, Ann  F 1821      
CASH, Jane  F 1815 Ellesmere, Shropshire 1894 West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside
CASPERS, Antoni  M 1656      
CASS, Bell  F 1821 Scarborough, North Yorkshire    
CASSIDY, James E  M 1900      
CASSIDY, Sylvia  F 1923 Liverpool, Merseyside   Cannock, Staffordshire
CATTERALL, Ellen  F 1781      
CATTERALL, George  M 1794 Liverpool, Merseyside    
CATTERALL, Joseph  M 1750      
CATTRALL (CATTERALL?), Ann  F 1815 Liverpool, Merseyside 1876 West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside
CAUSBY, Mary  F 1895      
CAVE, Elizabeth  F 1804   1858  
CHADWICK*, Dinah Margaret  F 1827 Kendal, Cumbria    
CHADWICK, Anthony  M 1861 Egton with Newland, Lancashire    
CHADWICK, Dinah  F 1859 Pennington, Ulverston, Cumbria    
CHADWICK, Elizabeth  F 1868 Colton, Cumbria    
CHADWICK, John  M 1853 Colton, Cumbria    
CHADWICK, Joseph  M 1850 Colton, Cumbria    
CHADWICK, Margaret  F 1851 Colton, Cumbria    
CHADWICK, Matthew  M 1862 Colton, Cumbria    
CHADWICK, Thomas  M 1817 Ulpha, Cumberland, Cumbria    
CHADWICK, Thomas  M 1854 Colton, Cumbria    
CHARNLEY, Alice  F 1831   1870 Swarthmoor, Ulverston, Cumbria
CHARNLEY, Ann  F 1831 Ulverston, Cumbria 1873 Lindal in Furness, Ulverston, Cumbria
CHARNLEY, John  M 1823 Ulverston, Cumbria 1851  
CHARNLEY, Thomas  M 1799 Longton, Lancashire 1867 Tarn Side, Ulverston, Cumbria
CHEESEMAN, Shirley Kathleen  F 1928   1996  
CHEESEWRIGHT, Catherine Emma  F 1836 St Pancras, London 1908 Wandsworth, London
CHEESEWRIGHT, Dennis L  M 1931 Hendon, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, Elizabeth Eliza Mary  F 1831 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, Emily  F 1845 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, Emma  F 1852 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, Frederick  M 1826 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, Henry  M 1807 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, Henry  M 1843 Islington, London 1843  
CHEESEWRIGHT, Henry Sydney  M 1884 London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, James  M 1770   1842 St Pancras, London
CHEESEWRIGHT, James  M 1793 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, Jane Sophia  F 1842 St Pancras, London 1903 Lambeth, London
CHEESEWRIGHT, John  M 1810 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, John  M 1849 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, John Richard James  M 1843 St Pancras, London 1843 Lambeth, London
CHEESEWRIGHT, Joseph  M 1804 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, Joseph Thomas  M 1831 St Pancras, London 1831 St Pancras, London
CHEESEWRIGHT, Joseph William  M 1834 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, Leslie  M 1931 Hendon, London 1931 Hendon, London
CHEESEWRIGHT, Leslie William  M 1882 London 1970 St Albans, Hertfordshire
CHEESEWRIGHT, Sarah Joannah  F 1833 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, Sophia  F 1796 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, William  M 1798 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, William  M 1802 St Pancras, London    
CHEESEWRIGHT, William  M 1848 St Pancras, London    
CHIPPENDALE, Mary  F 1755 Fewston, Yorkshire    
CHOWN*, Ann  F 1770      
CHOWN, Ann  F 1841 Moulton, Northants    
CHOWN, Edward  M 1802 Moulton, Northants 1879 Moulton, Northants
CHOWN, Henry  M 1770 Moulton, Northants    
CHOWN, Mary  F 1796 Moulton, Northants    
CHOWN, Mary  F 1838   1873 Moulton, Northants
CHOWN, Sarah  F 1835 Moulton, Northants    
CHOWN, Thomas  M 1844 Moulton, Northants    
CHOWN, William  M 1832 Moulton, Northants    
CHUNG, Elizabeth  F 1917      
CHUNG, Joseph  M 1895      
CLAASENS, Steffen  M 1685      
CLAASSENS, Pieterjen  F 1682 Oude Pekela, Groningen, Netherlands    
CLARK, Ada  F 1914      
CLARK, Alice  F 1916      
CLARK, Emily  F 1922   2002 Lancashire
CLARK, George  M 1918      
CLARK, Jean  F 1920      
CLARK, Unknown  M 1890      
CLARKE, Elizabeth  F 1790      
CLASENS, Renske  F 1655 Siddeburen, Slochteren, Groningen, Netherlands    
COCHRAN, Sarah  F 1838 Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland 1903 Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
COE, Albert  M 1908 Desborough, Northants   Desborough, Northants
COE, Arnold  M 1907 Desborough, Northants    
COE, Gillian  F 1932 Desborough, Northants    
COE, Harry  M 1912 Desborough, Northants    
COE, Joseph  M 1877 Desborough, Northants    
COE, Millie Evelyn  F 1910 Desborough, Northants   Desborough, Northants
COE, Narnie  F 1916 Desborough, Northants    
COE, Nellie  F 1914      
COE, Reginald  M 1905 Desborough, Northants   Desborough, Northants
COERTS*, Esse  F 1550      
COERTS*, Unknown  F 1555      
COERTS, Eltjo Jans  M 1582      
COERTS, Johan  M 1550   1582  
COERTS, Symtko  M 1578      
COERTS, Tyacke  F 1600      
COERTS, Ycke Johans  F 1575      
COLLETTE, Bernard Furnaval  M 1913 Hollowell? 1988 Northampton, Northants
COLLINS, Anne  F 1725      
COLLINS, Unknown  M 1820      
COLLINSON, Mary  F 1830 Manchester   Chorley, Lancashire
CONDUIT, Dennis  M 1887      
CONDUIT, Peter E  M 1918 Kingston, Surrey    
CORNELIS, Sijger  M 1733 Leens, Groningen, Netherlands    
CORNISH, Frederick  M 1880 Lambeth, London    
CORNISH, John Wyatt  M 1840      
CORRELJE, Bontje Antje Cornelia  F 1896 Utrecht, Netherlands 1987 Utrecht, Netherlands
CORRIVEAU, Unknown  M 1920      
COX, Dorothy Ruth  F 1924 Oldham, East Lancashire 1953 Walton Park, Liverpool, Merseyside
COX, Eliza F B  F 1896 Woolwich, London    
COX, George  M 1836 Potsgrove, Beds 1898 Westoning, Beds
COX, Gladys Mabel  F 1918   2006 Chorley, Lancashire
COX, Harry  M 1877 Potsgrove, Beds 1943 Northampton, Northants
COX, Henry John  M 1850 Yeovil, Somerset 1920 Oldham, East Lancashire
COX, John B  M 1893 Woolwich, London    
COX, Reginald Walter  M 1914 Northampton, Northants 1974 Northampton, Northants
COX, Sidney A  M 1891 Blackfriars, London 1971 Preston Royal Infirmary, Preston, Lancashire
COX, Thomas  M 1790      
COX, Thomas  M 1810      
COX, Walter R  M 1900 Woolwich, London    
COX, William  M 1889 Bromley, Kent    
CRAWFORD, Violet  F 1895      
CREASY*, Edith M  F 1881     Canada
CREASY*, Emelia  F 1831 South Creek, Norfolk    
CREASY, Amelia Delina  F 1861 Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk    
CREASY, Ann Maria  F 1872 Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk    
CREASY, Annie  F 1874 Newington, Surrey    
CREASY, David John  M 1917 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 2000 Canada
CREASY, Douglas  M 1908 Alberta, Calgary, Canada    
CREASY, Elizabeth  F 1853 Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk    
CREASY, Emily  F 1881 Walworth, London    
CREASY, Ernest Gent  M 1880 St Saviour, Surrey 1963 Oak Bay, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
CREASY, Florence E  F 1876 Walworth, London    
CREASY, John  M 1847 Walpole, Norfolk    
CREASY, Mabel  F 1890 Walworth, London    
CREASY, Mary Jane  F 1875 Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk    
CREASY, Matthew  M 1821 Emneth, Norfolk    
CREASY, Matthew  M 1841 Terrington St Clement, Norfolk    
CREASY, Matthew  M 1861 Terrington St Clement, Norfolk    
CREASY, Phyllis Daisy  F 1914 Canada 2003 Canada
CREASY, Ruth Jeanette  F 1912 Canada 1939 Victoria, B.C., Canada
CREASY, William J  M 1876 Walworth, London    
CRIJNS, Luitjen  M 1641      
CUMMINS, George H  M 1910 West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside    
CUSENS, Peggy Dorothy  F 1920 Portsmouth, Hants    
CUSENS, Thomas Rankin  M 1900      
DALL, Jeanie  F 1860 Kirkaldy, Scotland 1923 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
DANDY*, Elizabeth  F 1746   1830 Rufford, Lancashire
DANDY*, Freda  F 1925      
DANDY*, Unknown  F 1925      
DANDY, Albert  M 1918      
DANDY, Charles  M 1793 Rufford, Lancashire    
DANDY, Charles  M 1813 Rufford, Lancashire    
DANDY, Cyril Arthur  M 1920 Liverpool, Merseyside 1983 Liverpool, Merseyside
DANDY, Dorothy J  F 1930 Liverpool, Merseyside 1930 Liverpool, Merseyside
DANDY, Elgar B  M 1922 West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside    
DANDY, Elizabeth  F 1825 Rufford, Lancashire    
DANDY, Elizabeth  F 1850 Ormskirk, Lancashire 1935 Walsall, Staffordshire
DANDY, Elizabeth (Tizzy)  F 1887 Ormskirk, Lancashire    
DANDY, Ellen  F 1783      
DANDY, Ellen  F 1846 Bolton, Lancashire 1851 Ormskirk, Lancashire
DANDY, Elsie  F 1895 Ormskirk, Lancashire 1937 Liverpool, Merseyside
DANDY, Frances Hilda Clare  F 1900 Liverpool, Merseyside 1901 Liverpool, Merseyside
DANDY, Gordon  M 1920 West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside    
DANDY, Granville Frances  M 1923 West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside    
DANDY, Hanley  M 1892 Ormskirk, Lancashire    
DANDY, Henry  M 1789 Rufford, Lancashire    
DANDY, Henry  M 1822 Rufford, Lancashire    
DANDY, James  M 1781      
DANDY, Jane  F 1859 Ormskirk, Lancashire    
DANDY, Jessie  F 1896 Ormskirk, Lancashire 1915 West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside
DANDY, Margaret  F 1816 Rufford, Lancashire    
DANDY, Margaret  F 1848 Ormskirk, Lancashire    
DANDY, Margaret Olive  F 1892 Ormskirk, Lancashire    
DANDY, Mary  F 1857 Ormskirk, Lancashire    
DANDY, Richard  M 1787 Rufford, Lancashire    
DANDY, Ronald Glynn  M 1914 Liverpool, Merseyside 1991 Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria
DANDY, Stanley P  M 1889 Ormskirk, Lancashire 1943 Liverpool, Merseyside
DANDY, Stanley V  M 1928 Liverpool, Merseyside 1929 Liverpool, Merseyside
DANDY, Sybil  F 1925 West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside    
DANDY, Thomas  M 1751   1811 Rufford, Lancashire
DANDY, Thomas  M 1812 Rufford, Lancashire    
DANDY, Thomas  M 1855 Ormskirk, Lancashire 1917 West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside
DANDY, Thomas Frederick  M 1922 Liverpool, Merseyside 1990 Manchester
DANDY, Thomas Llewellyn  M 1891 Ormskirk, Lancashire 1953 Liverpool, Merseyside
DANDY, William  M 1785      
DANDY, William  M 1820 Rufford, Lancashire 1901 Ormskirk, Lancashire
DANDY, William Henry  M 1884 Ormskirk, Lancashire 1935  
DANDY, William Kenneth  M 1918 West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside 1999 Surrey
DARNBOROUGH, Ellen  F 1798 Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire    
DARNBOROUGH, John  M 1726 Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire    
DARNBOROUGH, Mary  F 1787 Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire 1859 Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire
DARNBOROUGH, William  M 1756 Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire    
DARNBOROUGH, William  M 1783 Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire    
DAVIDSON, Elizabeth  F 1752 Lincolnshire    
DAVIDSON, John  M 1875      
DAVIDSON, William Francis  M 1908 Carlisle    
DAVIS, Dinah  F 1812 Buckland, Dover, Kent    
DAVIS, Richard  M 1777      
DAWES, Teresa Elizabeth  F 1903 Tottenham, Middlesex 1994 Biggleswade, Beds
DAWSON, Amy  F 1884 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, Beatrice  F 1882      
DAWSON, Charlotte A  F 1869 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, Elizabeth A  F 1866 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, Frances  F 1849 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, George  M 1879 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, Jane  F 1837 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, John  M 1844 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, John F  M 1874 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, John Francis  M 1806 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, Mary Ann  F 1835 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, Millicent B  F 1864 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, Nancy  F 1920   2005  
DAWSON, Richard  M 1840 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, Sarah  F 1775      
DAWSON, Thomas D  M 1871 Moulton, Northants    
DAWSON, William Barker  M 1877 Moulton, Northants 1953 Chatham, Kent
DAY, Charles William  M 1840      
DAY, Fanny  F 1867 Fratton, Portsmouth 1941 Bitterne, Southampton
DE BOER, Hilje Johannes  F 1890      
DE BOER, Jantje Derks  F 1738 Nieuwe Pekela, Pekela, Groningen, Netherlands    
DE BOER, Robert  M 1934 Marum, Groningen, Netherlands    
DE BOER, Wiebren  M 1910      
DE HAAN, Hinke  F 1916 Surhuisterveen, Achtkarspelen, Friesland, Netherlands 1990 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands
DE HAAN, Jacobje Hendriks  F 1880      
DE HAAN, Sjoerd Franzes  M 1890      
DE JONG, Wietske Hendriks  F 1855      
DE JONGE, Aaltje Tonnis  F 1806 Oude Pekela, Groningen, Netherlands 1885 Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
DE JONGE, Hindrik Roelfs  M 1815      
DE JONGE, Tonnis Reints  M 1772 Oude Pekela, Groningen, Netherlands    
DE JONGE, Trintje  F 1839 Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands    
DE LANGE, Jan Wabbes  M 1752 Opweirde, Appingedam, Netherlands    
DE RAVE, Berend Krijnes  M 1812 Nieuwolda, Groningen, Netherlands    
DE RAVE, Krijno Jans  M 1786      
DE VRIES, Alida Antina  F 1871 Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands 1965 Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
DE VRIES, Anna Maria  F 1884 Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands    
DE VRIES, Derk  M 1773 Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands    
DE VRIES, Derk  M 1874 Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands    
DE VRIES, Geert  M 1844 Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands 1937 Haren, Groningen, Netherlands
DE VRIES, Heiko Tiemon  M 1920      
DEAN, Alfred  M 1890      
DEAN, Doris  F 1911   1986 Slough, Berkshire
DEERIN*, Mary  F 1797 Ireland    
DEERIN, James  M 1839 Ireland    
DEERIN, John  M 1797 Ireland    
DEERIN, John  M 1830 Ireland    
DEERIN, Matilda  F 1844 Ireland    
DENT*, Mary  F 1806 Woodford cum Membris, Northants    
DENT, Caleb  M 1837 Blisworth, Northants 1837 Blisworth, Northants
DENT, Charles  M 1812 Blisworth, Northants    
DENT, Comfort Frances  F 1841 Blisworth, Northants    
DENT, Emily Ann  F 1849 Blisworth, Northants 1937 Sibbertoft, Northants
DENT, Frederick Morris  M 1834      
DENT, George  M 1843 Blisworth, Northants 1845 Blisworth, Northants
DENT, Hannah Elizabeth  F 1836 Blisworth, Northants 1837 Blisworth, Northants
DENT, Joseph  M 1845 Blisworth, Northants    
DENT, Levi  M 1839 Blisworth, Northants    
DERCKSEN, Willem J  M 1910      
DERKS*, Derkje  F 1755      
DERKS, Hendrik  M 1679 Oude Pekela, Groningen, Netherlands    
DERKS, Herman  M 1682 Oude Pekela, Groningen, Netherlands    
DERKS, Klaas  M 1676 Oude Pekela, Groningen, Netherlands    
DERKS, Roeloff  M 1674 Veendam, Groningen, Netherlands    
DERRICX, Albert  M 1630      
DETERS, Daije  F 1654      
DETERS, Detert  F 1630      
DIBB, Ada  F 1878 Snowden, Yorkshire    
DIBB, Alma  F 1859 Askwith, Weston, Yorkshire    
DIBB, Annie  F 1869 Weston, Yorkshire    
DIBB, Arthur  M 1873 Snowden, Yorkshire    
DIBB, Bolland  M 1863 Snowden, Yorkshire    
DIBB, Charles  M 1864 Weston, Yorkshire    
DIBB, David Dickinson  M 1860 Askwith, Weston, Yorkshire 1925 Wharfedale, Yorkshire
DIBB, Janet  F 1858 Askwith, Weston, Yorkshire    
DIBB, Joseph  M 1828 Weston, Yorkshire 1901 Wharfedale, Yorkshire
DIBB, Martha  F 1875 Snowden, Yorkshire    
DIBB, Mary  F 1875 Snowden, Yorkshire    
DIBB, William  M 1866 Weston, Yorkshire    
DICKENS, Elizabeth  F 1809 Moulton, Northants    
DICKENS, Sarah Amy  F 1859 Moulton, Northants 1938 Northampton, Northants
DICKENS, Thomas  M 1780      
DICKENSON, Annie  F 1874 Ulleskelf, Yorkshire    
DICKENSON, Joseph  M 1850 Ulleskelf, Yorkshire 1931 Benningbrough, York, Yorkshire
DICKENSON, Joseph  M 1879 Nether Poppleton, Yorkshire    
DICKENSON, Louisa  F 1888 Codbeck, Topcliffe, Grabthwaite, Thirsk, North Yorkshire    
DICKENSON, Rosie  F 1883 Nether Poppleton, Yorkshire 1969 Wakefield, Yorkshire
DICKINS, Elizabeth Amy  F 1840 Moulton, Northants    
DICKINS, James Juley  M 1844 Moulton, Northants    
DICKINS, Thomas  M 1812 Moulton, Northants    
DICKINS, Thomas  M 1846 Moulton, Northants    
DICKINSON, Alfred  M 1867 Great Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Andrew  M 1862 Great Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Charles  M 1784 Norwood, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Charles  M 1810 Little Trimble, Yorkshire 1879 Wharfedale, Yorkshire
DICKINSON, Charles  M 1843 Fewston, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Charles  M 1871 Great Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, David  M 1829 Fewston, Yorkshire 1906 Bradford, Yorkshire
DICKINSON, David  M 1855 Great Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Elizabeth  F 1826 Great Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Elizabeth  F 1840 Little Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Emma  F 1848 Fewston, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Emma  F 1848 Great Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, George  M 1824 Great Trimble, Yorkshire 1914 Wharfdale-in-Craven, Otley, Yorkshire
DICKINSON, George  M 1869 Great Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, John  M 1705 Fewston, Yorkshire 1782 Fewston, Yorkshire
DICKINSON, John  M 1753 Fewston, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, John  M 1781 Fewston, Yorkshire 1858 Otley, Yorkshire
DICKINSON, John  M 1812 Otley, Yorkshire 1875  
DICKINSON, John  M 1833 Fewston, Yorkshire 1840  
DICKINSON, John  M 1840 Fewston, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, John  M 1844 Fewston, Yorkshire 1912 General, Cebu, Phillippines
DICKINSON, John  M 1860 Great Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Joseph  M 1851 Great Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Martha  F 1827 Fewston, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Martha  F 1837 Swinsty, Yorkshire 1909 Wharfedale, Yorkshire
DICKINSON, Martha  F 1864 Great Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Mary  F 1816 Fewston, Yorkshire 1834  
DICKINSON, Mary  F 1834 Fewston, Yorkshire 1904 Wharfdale-in-Craven, Otley, Yorkshire
DICKINSON, Mary Anne  F 1841 Fewston, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Rolland  M 1848 Little Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Sarah Jane  F 1871 Ulleskelf, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, Thomas  M 1843 Little Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, William  M 1821 Fewston, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, William  M 1845 Little Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, William  M 1853 Great Trimble, Yorkshire    
DICKINSON, William (Billy)  M 1885 Leeds, West Yorkshire    
DIETERMAN, Albert  M 1798 Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands    
DIETERMAN, Ayko Pieters  M 1748 Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands    
DIETERMAN, Casper  M 1680      
DIETERMAN, Dieteman  M 1701 Oudeschans, Groningen, Netherlands    
DIETERMAN, Fredrick  M 1709 Oudeschans, Groningen, Netherlands    
DIETERMAN, Geert  M 1799 Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands    
DIETERMAN, Grietje  F 1712      
DIETERMAN, Harmannus  M 1791 Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands    
DIETERMAN, Harmannus Pieters  M 1751      
DIETERMAN, Harmen  M 1655      
DIETERMAN, Heiko Kaspers  M 1780      
DIETERMAN, Hendrikus  M 1710      
DIETERMAN, Jan  M 1701 Oudeschans, Groningen, Netherlands    
DIETERMAN, Jan  M 1714 Oudeschans, Groningen, Netherlands    
DIETERMAN, Jan Aikes  M 1802 Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands    
DIETERMAN, Jan Kaspers  M 1773      
DIETERMAN, Jantje  F 1846      
DIETERMAN, Jantje Kaspers  F 1777   1855  
DIETERMAN, Jantjien Pieters  F 1742      
DIETERMAN, Kasper Pieters  M 1745   1792 Zuidbroek, Groningen, Netherlands
DIETERMAN, Pieter Caspers  M 1709 Oudeschans, Groningen, Netherlands    
DIETERMAN, Pieter Kaspers  M 1770      
DIETERMAN, Teupke Kaspers  F 1783      
DIETERMAN, Trintje  F 1678 Dokkum, Friesland, Netherlands    
DIETERMAN, Tuepke Pieters  F 1735      
DIETERMAN, Willemtje  F 1775      
DIJKSTERHUIS, Eike Theunis  F 1800      
DITTMAN, Vera Irene  F 1920      
DIXON*, Grace  F 1891      
DIXON*, Margaret  F 1930      
DIXON*, Mary A  F 1826 Wiesposts, Hampshire    
DIXON, Agnes  F 1870 Dalton-in-Furness, Lancashire    
DIXON, Alfred  M 1872 Dalton-in-Furness, Lancashire    
DIXON, Annie  F 1890 Manchester    
DIXON, Doreen  F 1932 Ulverston, Cumbria 1997 Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria
DIXON, Ethel M  F 1924 Lancashire    
DIXON, Florence A  F 1887 Manchester    
DIXON, George  M 1929 Canada   Watrous, Saskatchewan, Canada
DIXON, George C  M 1899 Scotforth, Lancaster   Young, Saskatchewan, Canada
DIXON, Gladys  F 1922 Lancashire    
DIXON, Henry (Harry)  M 1897 Scotforth, Lancaster    
DIXON, Henry James  M 1860 Hill of Millom, Dalton-in-Furness, Lancashire    
DIXON, Henry James  M 1930 Ulverston, Cumbria    
DIXON, John  M 1855 Dalton-in-Furness, Lancashire    
DIXON, John Henry  M 1922 Ulverston, Cumbria    
DIXON, John James  M 1891 Salford, Manchester    
DIXON, John R  M 1825 Bowness, Westmorland    
DIXON, Joseph  M 1859 Dalton-in-Furness, Lancashire    
DIXON, Mary Elizabeth  F 1928 Ulverston, Cumbria    
DIXON, Ronnie  M 1930 Canada    
DIXON, Willard  M 1932      
DIXON, William  M 1854 Dalton-in-Furness, Lancashire    
DIXON, William W  M 1894 Ulverston, Cumbria    
DOBBS, Ann Elizabeth  F 1875 Yardley Hastings, Northants    
DOBBS, Herbert  M 1855      
DOUGLAS, Agnes  F 1864 Liverpool, Merseyside    
DOUGLASS, Dorothy  F 1759   1842 Cartmel, Upper Holker, Lancashire
DOUMA, Johannes Albert  M 1934 Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands    
DOWNEY, James Henry  M 1915      
DRAIJER, Klaas Arents  M 1812 Schildwolde, Slochteren, Groningen, Netherlands    
DRIEST, Akke  F 1935 Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands    
DRIEST, Arend Willems  M 1885      
DRIEST, Willem  M 1909 Lutjegast, Grootegast, Groningen, Netherlands 2002 Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
DUIT, Magrieta Katrina  F 1890      
DUNBAR, Elizabeth  F 1770      
DUNN, Mary Jane  F 1867      
DUNSMORE, Mary Ann  F 1870      
DUNSMORE, Reginald James G  M 1923 Leicester, Leicestershire 1990 Yorkshire
DUNSTAN, Alec  M 1890      
DYKSTRA, Wopkje  F 1900      

* We are not yet convinced this is not just a middle name, or it is their married name if we don't have their maiden name.

** Some dates are approximations only.

Information about most relatives born after 1935 has been left out to protect their details from misuse.



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