The Molenkamp family

Looking back from Douwe and Geessien

This diagram starts at Douwe and Geessien and goes back across their full known direct ancestry.  There are plenty of others in side branches who are all just as much a part of our heritage as the Molenkamp line but who are not included as the diagram really would get unweildy if they were.  As it is, this diagram is a bit big anyway, but we hope you can make sense of it as you throw it around the screen.

Scroll down and across to view (once it has loaded).

Douwe looking back in time 

An * by a surname means we are not yet convinced this is not just a middle name, or it is their married name if we don't have their maiden name.

With thanks to Boticelli for his portrait of Venus and Captain Jack Sparrow for his self-portrait.  We've used these wherever we don't have an image of the actual person.



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