The Molenkamp family

A brief history

Some of the main events that produced the present generation of the Molenkamp family, just following the Molenkamp line.

  • 1659 - October sees Roches Does Molenkamp marry Grete Roelfs in Rasquert, Netherlands.
  • 1660s - Their son, Doe Roekes, is born in Rasquert.
  • 1696 - Doe Roekes marries Luicktjen Jans in Rasquert.
  • 1697 - Their son, Roekes Does Molenkamp, is born, probably in Baflo, Winsum, Netherlands, the first of their seven children.
  • 1725 - Roekes marries Trijntje Freerks on 9th December in Baflo.
  • 1742 - Their son, Roekes Douwes, is christened on 15th April in Uithuizermeeden, Eemsmond, Netherlands.
  • 1768 - By now a crop farmer and millbuilder, Roekes Douwes marries Baatje (Bouke) Kornelis Westerdijk on 11th September in Uithuizermeeden.
  • 1780 - Their son, Douwe Roekes is born on 23rd July in Zandeweer, Eemsmond.
  • <1804? - Douwe Roekes, a crop farmer and tenant farmer, marries Agnietje Sjigers Smit of Westerwijtwerd, Loppersum.  (We assume they were married before Roelf was born, but the events of 1834 show that may not necessarily be correct!)
  • 1804 - Their son, Roelf (aka Roelof) Douwe, is born on 30th November in either Vliedorp or Houwerzijl, Ulrum, Netherlands (the records contradict each other).
  • 1827 - Roelf, a watchmaker, farmer and shopkeeper, marries Klara Jansema on 6th November in Slochteren.
  • 1830 - Agnietje dies aged 60 on 27th April in Opwierde, Appingedam.
  • 1834 - Douwe Roekes, now a 54 year old crop farmer, marries again on 5th June, this time to the five months pregnant 24 year old Enje Alberts Kuiper from Appingedam.  Their son is born on 16th October, probably to much local tut tutting.
  • 1837 - Douwe Roekes dies on 3rd January in Opwierde.  From exhaustion, perhaps??
  • 1837 - The fifth of their seven children, Douwe is born to Roelf and Klara in Siddeburen on 8th February.
  • 1860 - Douwe, now a watchmaker, marries Geessien Grimmenga of Nieuw Scheemda on 1st March in Scheemda.
  • 1865 - Douwe, Geessien and their three children, Klara, Hilje and Jantje, leave Holland on the barque "Sylphide" intent on a new life in America.  The ship develops engine trouble and puts in to Plaistow for repair.  During the few days the ship is docked Jantje dies so the family lays her to rest and decides to stay.  They settle in Plaistow and the family has now arrived for good in England.
  • 1866 - Their first son, Roeloff becomes their first child born in England, being born in Plaistow on 4th August, the family living at 2 Hay Street there.
  • 1870 - Being the sixth of their eleven children, their second son, John, is born in Plaistow on 2nd August, the family now living at 36 Woodstock Street there.
  • 1895 - on 7th March, John marries Maria (Poppy) Faulkner of Bloomsbury, London.
  • 1897 - Casper born to John and Maria in Clapham Park, London on 17th April.
  • 1898 - on 29th December, Roeloff marries Louisa Betty Birch of Dover, Kent.
  • 1900 - Douwe Molenkamp dies from typhoid fever on 7th January in Ilford.
  • 1900 - Roeloff George (George) is born to Roeloff and Louisa on 13th May in Dover.
  • 1902 - Felix Arthur is born to Roeloff and Louisa on 27th January in Romford.
  • 1908 - Annie Louise (Nancy) is born to Roeloff and Louisa on 12th June in Dover.
  • 1910s - Late in this decade George marries Madeleine Andree Roux from France.
  • 1920 - Madeleine (Mady) is born to George and Madeleine.
  • 1921 - Geessien dies on 5th September in Ilford.
  • 1923 - Paul Roeloff George is born to George and Madeleine on 7th August.
  • 1932 - Roeloff dies in July somewhere in France.
  • 1940s - Paul marries Jacqueline Alys Horsley of Birmingham.
  • 1946 - Felix marries Winifred Mary (Winnie) Bulfield of Le Havre, France.
  • 1946 - John is born to Felix and Winnie.
  • 1948 - Paul is born to Paul and Jacquie.
  • 1949 - Casper marries Jean Elizabeth Wright on 15th January.
  • 1950 - Edward (Ted) is born to Felix and Winnie.
  • 1951 - André is born to Paul and Jacquie.
  • 1950s - While living at Hildenborough, Kent, Casper and Jean have two daughters, both still living.
  • 1960 - Felix dies on 1st June in St Pancras, London.
  • 1979 - Winnie dies on 13th February in Northampton.
  • 1994 - Madeleine dies in Henley-on-Thames aged just a few months over 100 years.  Just a few months later, George joins her.  Inseperable as ever.
  • 1995 - Paul dies in Henley-on-Thames.

So, Roches Does begat Doe Roekes begat Roekes Does begat Roekes Douwes begat Douwe Roekes begat Roelf Douwe begat Douwe begat Roeloff begat Felix begat John and Ted, and that's us, folks!!  Phew, from about 1630 to today in nine easy moves.  That makes Roches Does our great great great great great great great grand father.

Similarly, Roches Does begat Doe Roekes begat Roekes Does begat Roekes Douwes begat Douwe Roekes begat Roelf Douwe begat Douwe begat Roeloff begat Roeloff George begat Paul Roeloff George begat Paul and André.  This time, from about 1630 to today in ten easy moves.  That makes Roches Does their great great great great great great great great grand father.  Even more impressive, don't you think?

But if you just happen to know who Roches Does' dad was, do please let us know!!

Other than "The Molenkamp Gang" of the 1960s, namely John, Paul, Ted and André, most living members of the family are not mentioned by name and details about those who are here are kept rather vague.  There is a further generation, currently ranging from new-born babes to those in their twenties, who are not mentioned at all.  This is a deliberate act of discretion to protect their personal details from misuse. 



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