The Molenkamp family

Found and Lost

This page is a bit like a Lost & Found section but in reverse!!  We've Found some photos in our attics but have Lost any trace of who on earth these people might be.

They are most likely to be relatives but it is entirely possible they are strangers who just happened to be passing at the time.  If you, by some amazing coincidence, can identify them we would love to hear from you.  There's even a cash reward for identifying them, see below.

Here's the first one, a handsome chap but nameless at the moment.  Possibly a Birch from Dover even though the embossing on the mount says 'Stereoscopic Co, London'.  Based on another portrait we have that looks like it is of him and his family, he had two children, a boy and a girl.

Mystery man

And this one is of another rather distinctive gentleman but we have no idea who it might be or when and where it was taken:

Portrait of an unknown gentleman

See the Contact Us page for details of how to let us know if you have any suggestions.  A massively generous reward of anything you care to name up to the enormous value of one pound sterling (1 GBP is approximately equal to 2 USD or 1.4 EUR) awaits the first person to contact us with a genuine suggestions. 

Terms & Conditions apply.  No member of the Molenkamp family is eligible to claim this reward.  All participants must be over the age of sixteen.  May contain nuts.  Contents may be hot.  No parking except in specified bays. The payment of this reward may be considered a beneficial gain and may therefore be subject to Capital Gains Tax.  You are advised to consult an accountant for guidance.




Major cash reward offered!!

See the Found and Lost page for details.