The Molenkamp family

Banner photo

The banner image we have used at the top of each page is taken from a photo of a family Christmas gathering at Ames House in Netherhall Gardens, Hampstead some time in the early 1960's.  We used to meet here every year as Nancy was warden there and the facilities were ideal for such family get-togethers.  When we used to spend Christmas at the previous Ames House in Mortimer Street, Miss Etheridge, the resident cook there, made the most incredible soft and gooey meringues along with the most amazing Christmas spreads!!  To end the meal with bellies full, a table full of booze and cigars all round - ahhhh, the good old days before we went all PC!!

The banner shows (from left to right) Nancy, Mady, Paul (Snr), André, Paul, Ted, Madeleine, George and Winnie.  Miss Fisher, a colleague and possibly a cousin of Nancy & George*, is sitting in front.  The only one missing from the picture is John, but that's because he was the one taking it.  Thanks, John, for capturing such an enduring memory.

Here's a look at the original, complete with a table full of empty plates and bottles:

1960s Ames House family christmas


* Their Aunt Janet, aka Jeannette & Jennie, married Lewis Fisher, so maybe Miss Fisher is their daughter.



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