The Molenkamp family

A few tales about the family

Nancy (extreme left in our banner) and her friend Tommy (Nancy's brother Felix married Tommy's sister Winnie) were taking a ride out into the French countryside one day in the 1920s on Tommy's motorcycle and sidecar when the thing decided to separate.  As Tommy carried on along the road on the bike, Nancy and the sidecar took a slight detour into a field of brussels.  Please note:  No brussels were hurt in the making of this anecdote.

Winnie (extreme right in our banner), in her early twenties at the time, saw the Seine was frozen over and people were skating on it.  Not wanting to get out of the car, they (whoever she was with at the time) decided that if the ice was thick enough for all those skaters, it whould be OK for the car, too, even though it weighted over a ton.  You've guessed it.  There is a Buick with a mother-of-pearl dashboard somewhere in the Seine near Paris to this day.  If you find it, it's ours, OK!!

There's a pub on the beach at St Margaret's Bay in Kent (currently called The Coastguard, I think).  In the late 1960s when the Molenkamp gang were staying at Nancy's place in Dover on holiday, we'd regularly pop over for an evening drink.  One year, our tipple was Brown and Bitter - yes, we're suitably ashamed to admit it now - so the landlord christened us "The Brownie Boys".  Hmmmm.

Thought:  Among all known branches of the Molenkamp family, there is currently only ONE son to carry the name forward.  If, for whatever reason, he does not have any boys, the name will pass into history when his time is up.  There are many years to go yet as he's still only a youngster himself, but the current generation of young Molenkamps is all female except for this one solitary male.  No pressure there, then!!



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